Lottery Numbers

In the United Kingdom there are literally hundreds of different forms of gambling from casinos to betting shops but undoubtedly the most popular form of gambling is the UK National Lottery. However, strangely enough most of the people who attempt to guess the correct Lottery numbers once or maybe even twice a week do not really even consider it gambling as the tickets are so cheap in comparison the vast sums of money that can be won if you guess the lottery numbers correctly. Up until around 1960 all varieties of gambling were illegal in the United Kingdom, but since this law was changed it has grown into a multi million Pound industry that is enjoyed by a large portion of the country with the UK Lottery sitting pretty at the top.

The UK National Lottery is governed by a private company called Camelot and it is in turn overseen by the National Lottery Commission to ensure that everything is run correctly and above board. This has been the situation since it was created back in 1994. Originally, the Lottery only took place once a week on a Saturday evening but due to its increasing popularity there are now 2 weekly draws, one on a Saturday and one on a Wednesday evening. The rules of both draws are the same; there are 6 numbers drawn and a bonus number. These numbers are shown on small round balls and placed into a container to mix them all up thoroughly. To win the total jackpot you must pick all 6 numbers correctly. If more than one person correctly picks all 6 of that particular draws numbers then the total jackpot it split between the numbers of people that have the correct numbers. For example if the jackpot is 10 Million Pounds and there are 10 people that have the correct Lottery numbers then each individual will win 1 Million Pounds each.

All prizes that are won on the UK National Lottery are paid out in one complete lump some and there is no taxation on this amount. The vast revenue that is yielded from the some 40 Million people that play the Lottery on a weekly basis is not simply for the prize fund. In fact only 50 percent of the money goes towards the jackpot for those guessing the correct Lottery numbers. It is estimated that around 28 percent is given to the government to be allocated to various charities around the country, 12 percent goes directly to the government to cover the taxes, 5 percent goes to the retailers of the actual tickets and the remainder (approximately 4-5 percent) goes to Camelot for running the Lottery.

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